We play on GTA IV on xbox 360 you must have a mic to even be considered. If you would like to join go ahead and say that in the shoutbox that you would like to be apart of my clan and put your gamertag because that is how i will message you back to notify you of your training day and time. My assitant cheif is firemanjoe12 just to let you know. This is a new clan so we need ALOT more officers willing to play as realistic as possible and if we could get some modders to that would be great so we can spawn police cars and any other things we need just to be more fast cause i dont want to take up to much of your time. I will notify you of patrol 4 hours before patrol starts so you can RSVP if you do not make it without telling me there will be consiquences. If you do let me know that you cant go to the patrol then that is fine i understand things come up. Anyway join my clan it will be fun. (when it says name on the form put your gamertag your real name is optional.)

These are the kind of criminals we deal with sometimes not this dangerous but anything can happen in Liberty City